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The Most In-Demand Tech Roles of 2024

If you work in the field of tech, 2024 brings great news. According to Harvard Business Review, there are more technology jobs than candidates who are qualified to fill them. The UK’s shortage occupations list supports this. As the tech industry is highly skilled, you won’t have to compete with other candidates as much as you would in other sectors. So, whatever the next step in your IT career, you'll have no shortage of jobs at your disposal.

And it doesn’t stop there. In 2024, there will be no shortage of IT jobs that pay well, allow for innovation, and push you to develop and learn new skills. As a tech specialist, you will know that IT isn’t all about coding and cables. It’s varied and encompasses varied roles, from DevOps engineers to Oracle Hyperion developers to technical architects and AI developers to cloud implementation experts.

Hired’s 2023 State of Tech Salaries report revealed in-demand roles and ‘biggest movers’ within tech. The top three (in order of growth from 2022 to mid-2023) are:

  1. Security (Cybersecurity) Engineer (up 28%)
  2. Data engineer (up 21%)
  3. Machine Learning Engineer (up 16%)

Whether you're a blockchain specialist, a seasoned software engineer, or a cybersecurity expert, read on as we embark on a journey to unravel the most sought-after tech roles for 2024.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) roles

These will remain relevant in 2024 as the ERP industry continues to grow and evolve. More and more companies use these software systems to integrate their business functions. Some of the ERP roles that are likely to be in demand in 2024 are:

ERP business analysts and functional consultants to help businesses analyse, select, implement, troubleshoot, and optimise ERP systems will be essential.

ERP developers to create, modify, and enhance ERP software and applications will also be in demand. Developers with programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including BI Publisher, PL/SQL, Java, FBDI, ABAP, SAPUI5, and Fiori, to develop the ERP functionality will be sought after.

ERP support analysts to evaluate and improve the performance of ERP systems are a sought-after resource, as companies need help identifying and resolving issues, errors, and gaps in ERP processes.

ERP administrators are vital to manage and maintain the ERP systems and ensure the security and reliability of the ERP system as a whole.

ERP project managers who oversee and coordinate the ERP projects and teams are needed as more organisations embrace ERP.

Cloud Infrastructure Roles

It is no surprise that, since the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud computing remains a growing industry.

Cloud solutions architects are essential to creating a roadmap for cloud adoption, selecting cloud services, and ensuring security and scalability.

Cloud devops engineers are in demand to bridge the gap between development and operations. Firms rely on them to automate and streamline the deployment, scaling, and management of cloud-based applications, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Cloud security specialists will be needed as cyber threats become more sophisticated in 2024. They have a critical role in safeguarding data and protecting against security breaches.

Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)

The 2023 IT Skills Gap Report by Forbes Advisor and OnePoll reveals that (96%) of British employers believe AI will be instrumental in shaping the future jobs market. A third of businesses (34%) envisage a rise in demand for technical AI experts including:

  • data scientists
  • machine learning engineers
  • AI developers

They will play a crucial role in driving innovation across businesses. Tech specialists and professionals with expertise in managing AI-related infrastructure will be in demand.

AI and ML engineers can only grow in popularity in 2024. From chatbots, and self-driving cars to facial recognition, demand for specialists in this area is set to escalate in 2024.

Data scientists are in demand to help businesses make data-driven decisions and solve problems in areas including marketing, healthcare, finance, and education.

Cyber security analysts are essential to protect information systems and company networks from cyber threats and implement security policies.

Other tech roles

Full-stack developers who can work on the front end and the back end of a web application are in demand. Specialists will be sought after if they have:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL2

Software engineers with specialised skills in AI, security, data, and machine learning will show the most demand. More employers are looking for software engineers with set skills to fill roles. These include security engineers, data engineers, ML engineers, and backend engineers.

Your career awaits…

These are some of the hottest IT jobs for 2024. The truth is that tech is an area that is growing and changing rapidly. A decade down the line, you could be in a new role that is unfathomable to us today! And that is the beauty of a tech career.

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