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How to Reduce Burnout and Prioritise Mental Health in Your Tech Team


This month saw Mental Health Awareness Week taking place, providing an opportunity for IT managers, CIOs, and hiring managers to turn their attention to the wellbeing of their tech teams.

The demanding nature of IT work and the solitary nature of IT contracting often lead to burnout. Yet, with the right strategies and the development of technology, we can create a healthier, more resilient tech workforce.

Tech Overwhelm

It isn’t uncommon for HR teams to have mental health days and offer other forms of support. But one issue with this is that they are trying to solve mental health problems instead of solving the root problem.

The route problem is complex. One issue is that many organisations can’t handle major incidents. Minor and major incidents are now more frequent, putting constant pressure on IT departments and tech teams. Business operations are getting more complex as digital and business transformation projects remain key. The increase in cloud computing, hybrid applications, and remote workers makes things difficult for IT teams to manage and maintain. Yet, there are ways that burnout can be alleviated and smarter ways of working can be implemented.


Embracing Automation

The first step is embracing automation. Tools that automate routine tasks can significantly reduce the workload, enabling team members to focus on more engaging aspects of their jobs. This improves efficiency and job satisfaction.


The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Where better to utilise AI than in tech teams? Artificial intelligence can be embraced to offload and automate some stressful aspects of the job, such as the hours and days spent trying to troubleshoot and fix IT issues. AI can also assist with tasks based on predefined rules and patterns to analyse data and make predictions.

Harnessing AIOps for Mental Health

AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is an area worth exploring. By integrating AI into IT operations, AIOps platforms can predict and prevent issues before they occur, streamline incident management, and provide actionable insights.

AIOps can automate the tedious side of IT, including:

  • detecting anomalies in IT systems
  • monitoring for security issues
  • finding root causes of IT issues
  • troubleshooting
  • fixing bugs

This proactive approach reduces the pressure on tech teams, enabling them to work on more strategic and less reactive tasks.

And AIOps environments are developing all the time. Advanced virtual assistants can give comprehensive, context-specific explanations. This can all help to reduce burnout and stress among IT professionals.

AIOps, combined with generative AI, can enable tech professionals to get answers to problems that once took days to understand. For IT support teams, it can reduce the time it takes to resolve tickets as IT teams can understand where to focus their attention. Generative features in the future may include:

  • suggestions for code
  • practice environments
  • actionable feedback
  • visual support
  • training modules


Adequate Staffing Levels

Equally important is ensuring that tech teams are adequately staffed. Overburdened employees are more prone to stress, burnout, and absence. By hiring enough tech specialists, work can be evenly distributed. Support flexible hours and remote work to help manage personal and professional demands. Encourage breaks to prevent prolonged periods of continuous work. This can avert team overload and burnout.


The Human Element

While automation, AI and AIOps can alleviate stress, they're not panaceas. It’s essential to have an environment where mental health is discussed and supported by humans. Create a system for employees to provide feedback on their workload and stress levels. Regular check-ins, mental health days, and professional support services can make a difference, rather than tech solutions alone.

Team Work

Organise team activities that can relieve stress and build camaraderie. Educate leaders on recognising signs of burnout and providing appropriate support. Invest in employee personal development through workshops and courses.


In Conclusion

Solutions are paramount in a fast-paced industry where demands and stress levels are high. Combining tech solutions with human-centric approaches, you can build a more resilient, happier, and productive tech workforce.

As we look to a future where technology continues to evolve, let’s not forget the human element. By using AIOps alongside quality recruitment, staff retention, and mental health initiatives, you can safeguard your tech teams’ mental health. And ensure that they remain both productive and motivated.

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